Boundaries in Dating: Review

Author(s): Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend
Pages: 275 pages
Genre: Christian Living, Relationships
Release Date: May 26, 2009
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Ahh, relationships. Specifically, of the romantic kind. Whether you’re a calloused and hardened soul or gladly go from partner to partner… they can be tough to navigate.


The statistical odds alone that you’ll find someone you’re attracted to, you enjoy being around, and you share the same core beliefs with are pretty slim. I know as a single person, it can feel like there is no living [available] soul that you could begin to imagine yourself with (hang in there guys; you’ll eat your words soon enough). Maybe you have an unrequited love. Or maybe you have finally found such a mythical being and you are now wondering what a good, healthy relationship looks like.

Cloud and Townsend’s book Boundaries in Dating is for singles, those dating, and those that lie somewhere in between. I wish I hadn’t waited until I was already in a relationship to read this book. Both doctors break down nearly every aspect of relationships to paint a picture of what a healthy, thriving romantic relationship looks like. They do this from the stage of being single all the way until what it looks like when you’re getting serious with someone.

There are some fundamentals in here about how your partner needs to treat you and what kind of partner (and just what kind of person) you should be to be at your best. Some chapters are more obvious than others and seem like filler common sense, but everyone has different experiences and common sense isn’t always common to everyone. (Can I get an amen from every woman who has had to listen to a girlfriend sit and cry about some jerk that her friend dated? And you can’t just squad up and beat his down door because… well… it’s illegal.)

There are some great truths in here that can prepare singles for a dating relationship and that can help those dating to improve the relationship they have. If your significant other is a reader, I’d definitely go through the book together. There are some great talking points in here that may not necessarily come up in “everyday” conversation. This is a book I’ll definitely be passing along to other girlfriends, couples, and family members. Looking forward to picking up Cloud and Townsend’s other book Boundaries.


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